Privacy statement for Users of LY$TO POS.


We, Soluciones de Pago MB, S.A., a company duly constituted and existing  in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica, with corporate identification number 3 – 101 – 693322 (hereinafter “LYSTO”), will apply the protocols and measures defined within the present Privacy Policy, with the purpose of protecting the Personal Data of the Users using our platform LY$TO POS. Considering that you are a User of our services, it is essential that you understand how we use the information and what you can do to protect your privacy.

The User acknowledges that by accessing and using LY$STO POS, they accept and manifest their explicit consent and agreement with the terms of the Privacy Policy. Furthermore, the User acknowledges and accepts that LYSTO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, substitute, amend or replace this Privacy Policy at any time, in a unilateral manner, by publishing a notice in this regard on its website or the LY$TO POS application. Also, LYSTO, in its sole discretion, may also notify the User through the email that they registered.



The terms that appear in capital letters in this Privacy Policy and that are defined in this section, will have the meanings detailed below:


  1. “App”: means the software program used in smartphones and tablets, designed to perform functions and to provide services related to LY$TO POS.
  2. “Business” or “Businesses”: means those persons (natural or legal entities), entities and/or companies, public and/or private, that maintain a commercial relationship with LYSTO, by virtue of which Users will have the possibility of acquiring the products and/or services that these offer through a finance with LYSTO, using the LY$TO POS application, as set forth in the Terms and Conditions.
  3. “Personal Data”: means all of the Users’ private information that LYSTO collects by virtue of the services and products that it provides to them. Said information refers to what is received from the User in requests, contracts, forms, surveys, transactions with affiliates or third parties, interactions between LYSTO and the User, among others. Information that is of public domain and access will not be considered Personal Data.
  4. LY$TO POS”: means the technological platform developed by LYSTO available to the Users, which offers different services and functionalities. Such platform can be used through the mobile App enabled for such purposes by LYSTO.
  5. “Terms and Conditions”: mean the terms and conditions governing the relationship between LYSTO and the User with respect to the provision of the services and functionalities related to LY$TO POS, which are accepted by the User upon registration and can be accessed on the website or on the LY$TO POS

  6. “User”: means the natural person, who has complied with LY$TO POS‘s registration and approval process, who contracts its services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and any other applicable documentation.


What information do we collect?

LYSTO maintains in its database Personal Data that the User provides through different means, such as, but not limited to the following:


  • Complete name.
  • Nationality.
  • Identification number (Passport o identification card).
  • Type of identification.
  • Date of birth.
  • Country of residence.
  • Home and work address.
  • E-mail address.
  • Personal and work telephone numbers.
  • Name of the company for which you work.
  • Starting work date.
  • Detail of the estimated income. .
  • Photo ID and proof of life.


Additionally, when the User contacts LYSTO, a record of all communications that are held is kept. In this regard, LYSTO may use the email address and any other registered means to send information about its services and products.


LYSTO collects information about the services and products that the User purchases through the LY$TO POS. Within the information obtained in this way, the following data is included:


  • Device information: specific information of device used is collected, such as, but not limited to: the hardware model, version of the operating system, date and time of requests, device name and device ID, among others.


  • Credit granted, Businesses, and products and/or services purchased: information is collected regarding the credit requested by the User, the Businesses where such credit is used and the products and/or services purchased.


  • Server log information: we obtain and collect information in server logs automatically when our services are used and/or our content is viewed, such as but not limited to: your search queries, telephone data, IP address, other.


What use is given to the information?


LYSTO may use, combine and process Users’ Personal Data for the following purposes:


  1. To administer the services and products of the LY$TO POS platform, as well as to answer any questions and information about them, including information on procedures, changes, improvements, new functionalities, new services and products, individualized offer of services and products, among others.
  2. To evaluate the amount of credit that will be approved for the User’s use at the Businesses.
  3. To provide, maintain, protect and improve its services, in order to develop others and to protect the security of both LYSTO and the User.
  4. To verify the identity of the User, as well as the associated security parameters.
  5. To process, administer or charge for the provision of services, to provide customer service, as well as to investigate and resolve claims or disputes related to the services.
  6. To execute the internal operations that are necessary to provide the services associated to LY$TO POS, including solving software and operational errors, performing analysis of data, tests for research, and to monitor and analyze trends in both usage and/or activity.
  7. The use of information that does not identify individuals in order to to monitor the traffic patterns of visitors of LY$TO POS, and of specific sites and profiles, in addition to the use of the App, in order to improve the design and presentation of the content.
  8. To comply with its legal or regulatory obligations as deemed appropriate, before government authorities.
  9. To send promotional material, publicity, informative bulletins, updates or announcements, and/or similar.


Who will have access to your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data may be available to LYSTO (including its employees, officers, managers, representatives, etc.) or its affiliated, related, subsidiary and/or head office. In some occasions we hire other companies, individuals and/or third parties to perform tasks for us, making it possible that they require access to your Personal Data to carry out their functions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, such contractors or third parties may not use the information for any other purpose and will have contractual confidentiality obligations. In addition to the above, for the use of LY$TO POS and related services and products, the User expressly authorizes LYSTO to share and/or transfer their Personal Data and/or other information in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of LY$TO POS. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is reiterated that no legitimate recipient of the Personal Data may use the information for any purpose other than what is indicated in the corresponding documentation and will have contractual confidentiality obligations as deemed appropriate.

LYSTO reserves the right to share, disclose, reveal and/or deliver Personal Data with the purpose of complying with its legal or regulatory obligations, in response to requirements or requests (mandatory or not) by agencies from the government or from the state, or as a party of the investigation of an illegal activity.

LYSTO will request the consent of the User prior to sharing or using their data for any purpose other than those established in this Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions and in any other documentation subscribed between LYSTO and the User.

In the event that the User wants to update the information that they have consented to be used and kept by LYSTO, they must contact and make the explicit request.


How to we protect your information?

We have adequate privacy and security policies that have the purpose of guaranteeing, the security and integrity of all our information, within the means of what is possible, including your Personal Data, as well as its protection against access, use, alteration, modification, distribution or loss.


Access and correction

 We provide the User with means to delete or update the information provided to LYSTO, in the event that they consider that it is not correct, unless it is required to keep this information for legitimate legal or business reasons. Furthermore, LYSTO will eliminate or correct any information that it considers to be incorrect or untrue, without detriment to the responsibility that the User may incur in the event that they had provided such incorrect or untrue information.

When providing our services, we will protect your Personal Data ensuring that it cannot be accidentally or intentionally deleted. For this reason, even if you delete your data from our services, it is possible that we may not immediately destroy residual copies stored in our active servers or the data stored in our security systems.

If you would like to access, correct or delete the Personal Data that we keep, get in contact with


Option to not receive further communications from us

If you have chosen to receive information about our products or services and you no longer wish to do so, you can request that no further information is sent to you by sending a message to the email address


Applicable jurisdiction and legislation

The present Privacy Policy will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica. Any dispute or related conflict will be the competence of the ordinary courts of the Republic of Costa Rica, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties in the corresponding documentation.

LYSTO shall retain the right to take action against the User for violation of these conditions in its country of residence or any other relevant country.


¿How to contact us?

Any questions or concerns may be submitted in writing to the following e-mail address:; and, to the following telephone number: 4010-0808.


Last revision: June 2021.